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Fraud Awareness
TruMark Financial prioritizes keeping your money safe
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Prevent fraud from happening to you

Reminder: TruMark Financial will never call asking for your account number, PIN, debit or credit card number (including the 3 digit code on the back), or any other personal identifying information. If anyone contacts you purporting to be from a financial institution or another agency and asks for personal information, money, or gift cards, please be diligent. Do not share any personal information with them. Please note: TruMark Financial may send emails to the email address on record to verify identification before accessing your accounts.

If you think you’ve become a victim of a scam, please call 1-877-TRUMARK.

Fraudsters constantly search for new and clever ways to lure money and personal information from unsuspecting people. At TruMark Financial, protecting your information is a priority. We are committed to raising awareness and educating employees and members to protect confidential information. Take action to protect your personal and financial information. Keep online and offline transactions secure by reviewing security alerts, recognizing common scams, and protecting your identity. Below are current scams to be aware of and how to reduce risk to you/your accounts:

Common Fraud Scams

Smishing/text message scams
Phishing scams
Email bombs
One-time password bots
Peer-to-peer scams
Card cracking
Scam pop-ups
Mobile deposit
Mail theft
Post Office collection box theft