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Overdraft Privilege
TruMark Financial members benefit from overdraft privilege services, protecting their checking account in the event of insufficient funds
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Overdraft Privilege

This value added service may protect every day, one-time debit card transactions, ATM withdrawals, payments via personal check, and other purchases using your checking account in the event you have insufficient funds in your account to cover the expense. There are no monthly service fees or an annual fee associated with Overdraft Privilege – you only pay if you use it. Mistakes can happen. Avoid embarrassing situations and keep your options open in the event of an emergency. 

Unless you affirmatively consent to extended coverage, your everyday, one-time debit card transactions (e.g., purchases) and ATM withdrawals that overdraw your checking account may not be authorized. 

Ensure you continue to be covered in the event of an emergency. Click here to complete the consent form. 

Avoid Embarrassment

TruMark Financial makes it easy for you to avoid the embarrassment of bounced checks or insufficient funds. You have a variety of automatic overdraft protection options for your checking account.

Your regular savings (share) account may be set up for overdraft protection and your club accounts also can be set up by request.

If you have a TruMark Financial Home Equity Line of Credit or Convenience Line of Credit, enjoy overdraft protection beyond your savings. Only the amount of the overdraft is advanced from your line of credit, keeping your interest costs to a minimum.

Overdraft protection also may be available by request through your TruMark Financial credit card.

Click here for information on fees associated with covering overdrafts.