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Get real-time control of your debit card via TruMark Financial's online banking or mobile app

Real-Time Card Control

Get real-time control of your debit card via TruMark Financial’s online banking or mobile app. Card Management, anytime, anyplace.

  • Turn cards off if you misplace them. Easily turn them back on once you find them again!
  • Report a card lost or stolen. A replacement card can be ordered and mailed to you within 7-10 business days.
  • Set travel notifications: Let us know when you’re travelling and where you’re going so you can avoid declined card transactions while you’re there!
  • Set up transaction alerts: Get notifications when selected transaction types occur
  • Set up location alerts: Control exactly where your card can be used. You can specify alerts for transactions that occur outside of your country, outside of your set region, or even outside of your device’s current location.

Misplaced Your Card?

Should you misplace your TruMark Financial debit or credit card, simply lock/unlock it via online banking or TruMark Financial’s mobile app. Lock the card when you realize it’s missing, unlock it when you find it.

If you card was truly lost or stolen, it can be reported Lost/Stolen via TruMark Financial’s online banking/ mobile app by tapping Card Services > Card Controls. You also can order a replacement card in Card Controls.

We Have You Covered

How to lock/unlock your debit or credit card:

    • Log into online banking or TruMark Financial’s mobile app

    • Click “Card Services” > “Card Controls”

    • Toggle “Card Status” off or on

Frequently Asked Questions

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Set up your card preferences today

Log into online banking/mobile app > “Card Services” > “Card Controls”

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