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Visa® Debit Cards
TruMark Financial's Visa® debit card gives you access to your funds online, in-store, and at the ATM

Make safe and secure payments effortlessly

Safely and conveniently access your savings, checking, Maximizer money market account, and Convenience Line of Credit (CLC) with a TruMark Financial Visa® debit card. Easily manage your card with online banking and/or the mobile app and enjoy the ability to:

Offering convenience, security, and peace of mind

$0 Liability guarantee

$0 Liability Guarantee will credit fraudulent transactions made with your debit card back to your account as soon as the next business day if your card is lost or stolen.


Misplaced your debit card? Lock/unlock your debit card in seconds via TruMark Financial’s online banking or mobile app.

24/7 Monitoring

Fraud monitoring reviews how and where your card is being used and will send automatic fraud alerts to confirm abnormal transactions.

Leave your card at home with mobile wallet

Instant access

Add your Visa® debit card to your mobile wallet and/or smartwatch for quick, secure payments


Pay in-store, at the pump, online, and more without needing to carry your card

Easy to use

Use your mobile wallet wherever you see the contactless symbol on the card reader at checkout or ATM

How to add your card to your mobile wallet

Click a preferred payment method below for more details.

Apply Pay
Google Pay
Samsung Pay

Earn rewards on purchases

When you make a purchase with your TruMark Financial Visa® debit card, choose credit, and sign your receipt, you’ll earn CURewards® points. As points add up, redeem them for cash, travel, merchandise, gift cards, and more. 

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