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When you need a little extra money, let TruMark Financial help with a signature personal loan

A signature personal loan from TruMark Financial may be the perfect choice with great low rates, automatic payment features, and convenient term options. Your good credit score and signature are the foundation for a Signature personal loan from TruMark Financial.*

A TruMark Financial Signature personal loan features:

No payments for up to 60 days**
Loan amounts of more than $1,000
Competitive rates and terms
Affordable, fixed monthly payments
Various payment options

Borrow wisely while protecting your savings

Don’t disturb your savings when you need some money. Instead, consider personal loans secured with your TruMark Financial savings account or certificate. Apply for a secured loan if you’re looking for: 

  • Lower rates than unsecured loans 
  • Cash for any purpose 
  • A good way to establish credit 
  • A way to leave your savings intact 

Another borrowing option is a stock loan:

A stock loan is secured with the stock certificates*** of several companies at competitive rates. With this type of loan, you can: 

  • Choose the rate and term that is affordable 
  • Get cash at a lower interest rate 
  • Leave your long-term or retirement investments intact 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I get a personal loan from a credit union?
Why should I take out a personal loan instead of using a credit card?

Apply for a TruMark Financial Signature personal loan today

At TruMark Financial, enjoy competitively low-rate loans for all of your financial needs. 

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*Loan subject to approval. Minimum loan amount is $1000. Terms available from 12 – 60 months. Rate and monthly payment will vary based on creditworthiness, total loan amount, and loan term. Rates subject to change without notice. 
**Qualifying members may elect to defer their first payment up to 60 days from their initial loan date (not the first payment due date). During the deferral period, interest will accrue and may extend the original term of the loan. Payments can be made during the 60 day deferral period. 60 day deferral offer does not apply to refinancing loans currently with TruMark Financial or indirect lending relationships. Other restrictions may apply. 
***Check with TruMark Financial for qualifying stock.