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Protect your accounts while on vacation
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TruMark Financial can help with a few simple tips to protect your accounts

While you’re excitedly packing your bags, don’t forget to protect your finances, too. Here are some steps you can take to help protect your accounts while you’re away:

  • Create a plan for your mail: While you are away, don’t let the mail pile up. Place it on hold with the post office or ask a trusted neighbor to collect it. Also, sign up for e-Statements to help make sure you private banking information is kept safe.
  • Schedule your bills: Don’t miss payments while you are away, easily set up one-time or recurring bill payments within online banking
  • Set up account alerts: Be notified when there is suspicious activity like international purchases, reaching a purchase amount threshold, or purchases made online or over the phone
  • Create a travel notification: Let us know you’re traveling and where you’re going so you can avoid declined card transactions while you’re there
  • Lock/unlock your card: Turn off your cards if you end up misplacing them. Easily turn them back on when you find them again! If you have any questions or see a suspicious transaction on your debit or credit card, please call 1-877-TRUMARK. As a reminder, TruMark Financial will never ask you for one-time codes via text, phone, or email.

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