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Mobile wallets explained

Every day, our cash society seems to move more into the digital realm. A prominent cause of this shift is…

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Woman using her phone to make payment in a cafe
How to build up your credit from scratch

Q: I’ve never had a credit card and my credit history is non-existent. I’m ready to build up my credit…

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Friends in the Mall
Misleading advertising ploys to beware of this Black Friday

Don’t let money go to waste this holiday shopping season. Below is a list of misleading advertising you may encounter…

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woman using digital tablet at the bar.
The ultimate smart shopper cheat sheet

Did you know you should be timing your shopping throughout the week? Each day brings its own special deals and…

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How should I fund my holiday shopping?

Q: Help! I’m fretting over holiday expenses. How am I going to pay for everything? A: Relax! You can keep your budget…

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How to get by in an emergency: Personal loan or credit card?

Unexpected expenses are, by nature, unplanned…and costly. While it’s best to have a rainy-day fund, for many this is just…

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Debit cards – credit cards with training wheels

When it’s time for teenagers to drive, they’ll need to pay for gas, tolls, and vehicle maintenance costs. Plus, whenever…

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credit card transfer calculator
Credit cards or debit cards – what’s the smartest swipe?

Most people own at least one debit card and at least one credit card. They know they have them, but…

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