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March 22, 2022

Non-Profit organizations get a surprise donation

TruMark Financial Credit Union was one of ten credit unions selected for a prize of $10,000 donation to charity in PSCU’s Credit Union Give Back Sweepstakes. The credit union was able to “pay it forward” by donating to one or more charities of their choice. TruMark Financial selected four non-profit organizations which aligned with the credit union’s mission statement and ideals in giving back to the community to receive donations from the prize money.

The four recipients were:

  • The One Less Foundation, Philadelphia
  • Hispanic American Association, Conshohocken
  • The Lukens Foundation, Collegeville
  • More Pass Plus, Philadelphia

THE ONE LESS FOUNDATION and More Pass Plus organizations work to help families and communities create paths out of poverty. Like TruMark Financial, the organization provides financial literacy to help families gain skills to reach their financial goals.

The Luken Foundation’s mission is to support the development of youth through sports, education and community service. The foundation’s endeavor is to provide grants for extracurricular activities and supplemental scholarships to local high school students.