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December 7, 2020

Six ways to keep your finances intact this holiday season

Enjoy a financially stress-free season with these tips:

  1. Create a detailed list of all your expenses

Draw up a list of every holiday expense you anticipate. Include all gifts, décor, travel expenses, and donations. Try to keep it as trim as possible by cutting out non-essentials and using stuff you may have in storage from previous years.

  1. Determine how much money you can spend

Work on finding a magic number that will cover everything on your list and that you can realistically afford. Ideally, this money should come from funds you’ve set aside just for this purpose.

  1. Divide and conquer

Next, assign specific amounts of money in your budget for each expense category and for every person on your gift list. Again, make sure your numbers will work from both a financial and practical perspective.

  1. Track as you shop

As you shop, keep careful account of exactly how much money you’ve spent for each person and in each expense category. Review your budget often to make sure you’re staying on track.

  1. Shop smartly

Keep your spending to a minimum with these hacks:

    • Use shopping apps to get your favorite retailers’ best deals and coupons delivered right to your phone
    • Shop online on Tuesday mornings. Research shows this time of week is when you’ll find the hottest online deals
    • Shop late. Prices actually fall in the weeks leading up to Christmas as retailers get ready to clear out their holiday inventory
  1. Let TruMark Financial help

When you need a little extra money, a Signature personal loan from TruMark Financial may be the perfect choice with great low rates, automatic payment features, and convenient term options.

Don’t let financial stress ruin your holiday cheer this year. Call, click, or stop by TruMark Financial to see how we can help!