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April 16, 2020

How to work from home

The coronavirus pandemic has millions of Americans now working from home. Here are some tips on how to stay focused, on-task, and productive.

Create a workstation. Propping up your pillows and working in bed can sound like a good idea until you find yourself nodding off in front of your computer screen. To keep your brain focused and in “working mode,” it’s best to designate one area of your home to serve as your workstation. Keep the area clean and stocked with all the supplies you may need during your work hours.

Set your hours. A benefit of working from home may be choosing your own hours — but this can backfire quickly. Lack of a proper schedule is the biggest enemy of the procrastinator. To keep from finding yourself with a huge amount of work to complete in an impossibly short amount of time, set up working hours and stick to them.

Collaborate. For most of us, home is where we unwind and kick off our shoes after a long day of work. Keeping focused and staying on task when working in your own comfortable surroundings can be very challenging. Bring home some of the motivational work atmosphere by collaborating with your colleagues as much as possible. Utilize video conferencing and chat services to catch up, swap ideas, and plan long-term projects.

Get rid of all distractions. It can be hard to keep your mind on work when each beep of the phone brings more news and updates about the spread of the coronavirus. If you can, shut off your phone during your work hours. If that’s not possible, consider turning off your notifications and social media apps.

While working from home isn’t always ideal, it’s still possible to be productive during this unpredictable time.