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November 13, 2017

Students learn the real meaning of budgeting at a Financial Reality Fair

FORT WASHINGTON, Pa. — One hundred sixty-five high school students participated in a Financial Reality Fair sponsored by TruMark Financial® Credit Union and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Foundation at William Tennent High School, Warminster, Pa., on Nov. 8, and experienced what life would be like having a career and managing their own finances.

Students from Bensalem High School, George Washington High School, and William Tennent High School participated in a practical exercise in personal financial management aimed at helping them understand the art of budgeting. The Fair provides a birds-eye view of what financial challenges students might face when tasked with managing their own finances. They chose a career, complete with a salary, and were given a budget worksheet. Students were required to visit 14 booths to make spending decisions on necessities such as housing, transportation, food and clothing, insurance, and other categories within their budget. Following their selections, students met with financial counselors who reviewed their worksheets and advised them on adjustments that might be necessary to live within their salary constraints.

The Financial Reality Fair brought together representatives from Merck Sharp and Dohme Federal Credit Union and TruMark Financial along with retired teachers and local business owners who share a strong commitment to teaching financial lessons to young people in a way that is both engaging and realistic.