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Answering Your First-Time Homebuyer Questions
Answering your first-time homebuyer questions

Buying a home is likely the most significant financial transaction you will make in your lifetime. While preparing to purchase…

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Should I buy a house during a pandemic?

Q: I planned to buy my first home this spring and then the coronavirus changed everything. Should I forget about…

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When should I put my house on the market?

If you’re thinking of selling your home, think spring, because the season of blossoming flowers and gentle breezes has traditionally…

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Seven ways to stop worrying and love your mortgage

Every corner of the personal finance world seems to hammer home the same point: debt is the wealth killer. Debt…

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Mistakes first-time homeowners make

Q: My husband and I have been renting an apartment since we got married. We recently decided to buy our…

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Buying a home in today’s economy

You don’t have to give up on the home of your dreams because of a fluctuating economy. Read on for…

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Getting a home loan

Unless you’re wealthy enough to pay the full price for your house upfront, you’ll need to arrange for a home…

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The benefits of homeownership

It’s everyone’s dream to get a place of their own, a happy space where they can sleep with a sense…

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A dozen tricks to sell your home quickly

If you’re looking to sell your home and start over elsewhere, you likely want the sale to happen as quickly…

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