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April 5, 2018

TruMark Financial® Credit Union launches branding initiative “Member banking is better banking®”

On April 2, TruMark Financial® Credit Union introduced a new branding initiative that aligns with its member-focused philosophy and aims to strengthen the credit union’s visibility in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

“Member banking is better banking®”, captures the theme of the initiative,” said Elizabeth Kaspern, TruMark Financial’s senior vice-president, chief retail services officer. “Everyone knows membership has its privileges. Everyone that banks with us is more than a customer, they are a member,” said Kaspern. Delivery channels to heighten awareness include television and radio commercials, billboards, and an updated easy-to navigate website. The branding initiative reaffirms the credit union’s commitment to its members and the commercials boast that TruMark Financial likes a little competition.

The credit union’s senior management team views the branding effort as a way to stand apart from the competition and better reflect the value it provides to its members. “It’s an opportunity to educate consumers about the credit union, its purpose, its visionary goals, and the benefits of membership,” said Richard F. Stipa, TruMark Financial’s chief executive officer.

“The entire organization is committed to demonstrate every day why “Member banking is better banking®” and how it can help more people reach their financial goals,” said Stipa.