Have full, instant access to funds with direct deposit

TruMark Financial’s ABA Routing/Transit number (236084243)

Instruct your employer, government benefactor, or pension plan to deposit your funds directly into your TruMark Financial account – instead of giving you a paper check. Enjoy fast, easy access to your funds and more.

How to set up direct deposit

  1. Click here to download a direct deposit form to give to your employer or other source of recurring deposits
  2. To deposit into your checking account: Enter your checking account number in the account number box Note: Your checking account number is different from your membership account number. The checking account number can be found on your checks as shown below:
    void check
  1. To deposit into your savings account: Enter your membership account number in the account number box
  2. Return the form to the appropriate department in your organization for processing

Questions? Call 1-877-TRUMARK