A safe investment with a variety of rates and terms

Looking for a secure investment for your life savings? Invest your portfolio in a high-yield, federally insured TruMark Financial certificate.

With a TruMark Financial certificate, you can:

  • Choose from a 6-, 9-, 12-, 13-, 18-, 24-, 30-, 36-, 48-, or 60-month term
  • Start saving with a low minimum deposit of $500
  • Maximize your dividend earnings and return on savings
  • Accumulate money for education, retirement, vacations
  • Use it as collateral for a loan with TruMark Financial
  • Utilize the five business day grace period to make changes after maturity
  • Jumbo certificates available in 6-, 9-, 12-, 24-, 30-, 36-, 48-, and 60-month terms with minimum deposit of $75,000

Please note: TruMark Financial has discontinued the 5-month certificate product. Upon maturity of an existing 5-month certificate, the annual percentage rate (APR) will match the 6-month prevailing rate