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September 1, 2021

TruMark Financial celebrates new Horsham branch location

TruMark Financial celebrated its Horsham branch’s move to its new location at 301 Horsham Road, Horsham, Pa., with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Sept. 1. The branch remains in the same shopping center and now offers members the convenience of transacting business at a
drive-thru window. “We remain focused on providing our members with tremendous value through exceptional products and service,” said Richard F. Stipa, TruMark Financial chief executive officer.

PA State Senator Maria Collett participated in the celebration and praised the credit union’s involvement in the community with its financial literacy program and Concern for Community initiative. Township Manager William T. Gildea-Walker also was in attendance and discussed the township’s relationship with the credit union and its continued growth with the addition of new housing developments and businesses. Other guests included Robin Brunner, senior vice president, revenue and solutions, CrossState Credit Union Association, TruMark Financial Board and Supervisory Committee members, and executive management staff.