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January 23, 2019

TruMark Financial® Credit Union awards school $5,500 grant

Genevieve  Endy O’Kane, principal of Stephen Decatur Elementary School in Philadelphia, agreed to kiss a pig at TruMark Financial’s annual Kiss A Pig Financial Literacy fundraiser in 2014, with the goal of receiving a grant for personal finance resources. She had no idea Decatur teachers would still be puckering up five years later to help heighten awareness for financial literacy. This year, sixth grade teacher Lynda Coyle represented the school in the October fundraiser and kissed a pot-bellied pig named Raines.

Throughout the years, Decatur teachers and students have embraced the idea, planned fundraising events, and had fun along the way. “The grants have allowed us to purchase items such as calculators, software programs, and updated classroom materials. We involve the students so they feel a part of the fundraising process and see the end results,” said Endy O’ Kane.

Students purchased paper pigs, had ice cream socials, and participated in dress down days to support the fundraiser. When students use new materials purchased with the grant, they take pride knowing they supported the initiative.

The fundraiser is a component of TruMark Financial’s initiative, Building Financial Futures. Funds raised at this event allow area schools to provide students with the tools needed to learn the basics of personal finance.

In addition to Stephen Decatur Elementary School, eleven other schools participated in the fundraiser and received a $5,500 grant. To date, TruMark Financial has donated more than $300,000 to area schools in need of personal finance resources. The grants have been used to purchase resources to help teach the value of saving and the importance of managing money responsibly. To learn more about TruMark Financial’s Kiss-A-Pig Financial Literacy Fundraiser visit: