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Summer travel checklist
May 31, 2019

Travel checklist

Ready for summer travel? In addition to booking the best vacation, packing your gear, and having a great book in hand, you’ll need to make sure you’re financially ready for your trip. Prepare to stay connected when traveling this summer.

Mobile and online banking
It’s easier than ever to be proactive with your accounts and cards while traveling. View transactions, lock/unlock a lost or stolen TruMark Financial debit/credit card, pay bills, transfer funds, set up alerts, and add your debit/credit card to mobile wallet. Plus, set up Quick Balance to see a snapshot of account balances on your mobile device without logging in.

Set up automatic bill payments
Bill Pay makes it easy to pay your bills automatically while you’re on vacation – and after. Securely pay anyone, anywhere, anytime. Bill Pay allows you to receive merchants’ bills electronically, cutting down on paper, and giving you complete control of payments.

Pre-paid reloadable Visa® debit cards
A Visa® prepaid card works just like a debit card and can be used worldwide at any location that accepts Visa®. It also gives you peace of mind if your card or wallet is lost or stolen while away from home. International Visa® prepaid cards have EMV technology, the preferred method of payment processing overseas. Plus, instantly add funds to your card anytime, keeping you in control of how much money is available.

Order foreign currency ahead of time
Purchase foreign currency at any TruMark Financial branch at competitive exchange rates before you go. Rates are updated daily. You also can call TruMark Financial’s Member Service Center to check rates and place your order before visiting a branch.

Organize your wallet
Decide which debit, credit, and prepaid cards you’ll be traveling with. Be sure to let TruMark Financial know your travel plans so your purchases won’t be flagged as suspicious. Remove any extra debit or credit cards from your wallet that you won’t need during the trip.

TruMark Financial can help you prepare financially. Simply go over the checklist above and worry less when traveling.