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December 21, 2022

TruMark Financial announces Vice President Internal Audit Director

Connor Land has been named vice president internal audit director at TruMark Financial Credit Union.

Conner will be responsible for leading the credit union’s internal audit department while reporting to the supervisory committee. He will provide guidance to team members, work with departments both prior to audits as well as share the results with them, prepare the credit union’s internal risk assessment, and develop the annual audit plan.

His extensive background as an audit manager for the risk group at RKL includes SOX testing for public traded clients, testing internal controls and processes, and compliance testing. In his previous role, he conducted internal audits for banks and credit union along the east coast.

His extensive background with audit software will enhance the method for obtaining accurate data for reports and presentations and help make the credit union’s audit team more efficient. Conner led the implementation of TruMark Financial’s new audit software in 2022 and will be using the analytics and software tools to create more efficiencies.

Conner is a graduate of Elizabethtown College with a degree in accounting and resides with his wife and son in Roxborough.