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Black girl alone working for Christmas in her living room
December 5, 2023

How to spot holiday scams

For most of us, the holidays are full of generosity and goodwill. However, fraudsters use the holidays to take advantage of people’s generous spirits. Here are some scams to look out for this season:

Suspicious orders
Be on the lookout for emails that ask you to confirm an unknown order, payment details, or account information. Don’t click on any links in the email or open any attachments, and instead go directly to the vendor website.

Fake social media accounts
Fraudsters use ads on social media to try to get you to go to fake stores that steal your money, credit card details, or personal information. Use only trusted vendors and payment processors when putting in any personal details.

Missed delivery text messages
Scammers send fake text messages claiming that a package you’re waiting for has been delayed or that you need to pay a fee before it can be delivered. Always check with your vendor’s site directly and never click on unknown links.

Holiday giving
Fraudsters create fake charities or GoFundMe campaigns to trick you into sending money or sharing your personal information. Always verify who a charity or person is before deciding to give. Make sure your payment details are processed on secure sites and not over the phone or text.

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