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November 22, 2021

Holiday shopping tips to help you save big this season

There’s no need to rack up a huge credit card bill or go into debt just to cover holiday expenses. Enjoy a stress-free season by keeping spending in check with these tips:

Make a list and check it twice
This tried-and-true shopping tip can really help keep costs down this holiday season. When you shop with a list in-hand and you’re careful to stick to it, you are more likely to make responsible shopping decisions instead of buying anything and everything that catches your eye.

Compare prices
In the age of apps and the internet, comparison shopping is a lot easier than trekking across town from store to store. All it takes is a few quick clicks to check if the item you want is available elsewhere, and for less.

Use credit card rewards points for gift cards
Take advantage of rewards points earned on your credit cards and redeem them for gift cards. Gift cards are always good to have on hand for last-minute gifts.

Shop with coupons
No need to touch a pair of scissors to take advantage of coupons in 2021! Before completing an online purchase, do a quick search to check for available coupons that can bring down the price.

Shop early
It’s always a good idea to get shopping done well before the holidays to keep from overspending when you’re hurried and pressed for time. This year especially, with delivery delays and supply shortages expected to last into 2022, it’s best to tackle holiday shopping as soon as possible. When you shop with a clear head and when the store shelves are still well stocked, you’re more likely to stick to your budget and make responsible spending decisions.

Buy electronics on Black Friday or Cyber Monday
While most big-ticket items, like furniture and home appliances, are usually cheaper during other sale events, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals you’ll find on TVs, laptops, audio equipment, and other electronics will likely be the best you’ll find all year. If any of these items are on your list, plan your purchase for Black Friday weekend for steep discounts.

The holidays are coming, but that doesn’t mean you need to kiss your budget goodbye. Follow the tips outlined above to save big on gift shopping this year.