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July 1, 2020

Stay alert: Learn how to spot and avoid tech support scams

Tech support scams are on the rise and use various tactics to trick people. Here are a few common examples of how tech support scammers may try to obtain your personal information:

Phone calls

Tech support scammers often call, pretending to be from a trusted company, to inform you of a problem with your computer. The scammer asks for remote access to your computer to “find the problem” and then make you pay for a problem that didn’t actually exist.

Pop-up warnings

Scammers may try to trick you by using a pop-up window on your computer that appears as though it is an error message from your operating system or antivirus software. These may look as if they are from trusted companies and will usually instruct you to call a phone number to get help fixing the problem.

Online ads and listings in search results

Malicious individuals try to get their websites to appear in online search results and even run their own ads in an attempt to trick you into clicking on them, at which point they may be able to gain access to your computer.

Follow these tips to avoid tech support scams:

  • Don’t click on any links or call a phone number from a pop-up window
  • Don’t send money or a wire transfer funds to an unknown person or company
  • Don’t give anyone your bank account number, credit card number, or other payment information
  • Don’t give anyone control of your computer
  • Never give a PIN or multi-factor verification/authentication code you have received through email or text to anyone
  • Legitimate tech companies won’t call, email, or text about problems with your computer. If you get a call from someone saying there is a problem with your computer or mobile device and you did not expect it, hang up.
  • Security pop-up warnings from real tech companies will never ask you to call a phone number
  • If you are looking for tech support, use a trusted company

Important reminders

TruMark Financial will never call asking for your account number, PIN, debit or credit card number (including the 3 digit code on the back), or any other personal identifying information. Click here to learn more about fraud.