Award-winning money management

Money Management offers an easy to use, highly visual experience that provides a 360-degree view of internal and external accounts — from credit card providers, outstanding loans, transactions, and more. Make more informed financial decisions with features such as:

  • Accounts: See a single view of internal ‘hosted’ accounts, and external ‘outside’ accounts.
  • Transactions: View all transactions and filter by account, date, category, keyword, or amount.
  • Spending: Review spending categories with drill downs into subcategories and transactions.
  • Budgets: Auto-generate budgets based off past spending habits or create custom budget categories.
  • Trends: Track spending and income over time with subcategories that include transaction details.
  • Net Worth: Evaluate if overall net worth is trending up or down with monthly drill downs.
  • Debt Management: Project debt payoff dates and prioritize the completion of certain debts.
  • Goals: Create goals and associate them with a specific account and timeline.
  • Alerts: Define alert thresholds by account and alert type.