Employees are able to participate in TruMark Financial’s 401(k) plan with Principal Financial Group. The plan offers both pre-tax and after-tax Roth contributions as well as a matching employer contribution.

TruMark Financial offers subsidized medical and prescription benefits to eligible employees. Available plans include an HMO, PPO, and consumer directed high deductible medical plans with a Health Savings Account (HSA) for eligible employees. Additional benefits include dental, vision, life insurance, short-term and long-term disability benefits. TruMark Financial also offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for eligible employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for out-of-pocket health care, dependent care or commuter expenses.

Employees have access to discounts on entertainment, electronics, shopping, local attractions, commuter packages, vacation plans, and more.

TruMark Financial recognizes employees have diverse needs for time off from work and provides the Paid Time Off policy to meet your needs. This benefit promotes a flexible approach to time off. TruMark Financial also provides time off for over 11 different federally recognized holidays annually.

TruMark Financials’ tuition reimbursement program provides encouragement and financial assistance to eligible full-time employees who wish to further their education by completing business-related courses or working towards a degree. The program includes business-oriented seminars, skill-improvement courses and degree-required courses at accredited institutions.

TruMark Financial is dedicated to helping the communities we serve. Employees are encouraged to participate in local volunteer opportunities. As an added benefit, TruMark Financial employees are able to trade up to 8 hours of community service each year for paid time off.

Throughout the year, TruMark Financial and its employees celebrate one another through a variety of systems set up to make sure a job well done is recognized. Employees have the opportunity to award one another for things that matter, fostering an environment of teamwork and inclusion.

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