Mobile Deposit

Managing your money from your mobile phone

TruMark Financial offers free mobile banking services to access your accounts anytime. Using secure
technology, perform many financial transactions from the convenience of your web-enabled cell phone or PDA,
using text messages, a web browser, or a mobile app.


Note: Mobile banking users can simply use their home banking Access ID and Passcode to access their accounts.  


iPhone and iPod Touch users can access their accounts using the mobile banking app. 
Simply scan the code to the right or download the TruMark Financial CU Mobile Banking
app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch to get started. 

Existing iPhone or iPod Touch app users will get an update from the Apple App Store.
Just go to the App Store and click “Update” to get the new app. 



Android users can access their accounts using the mobile banking app. Simply 
scan the code to the right or download the TruMark Financial Credit Union app from the 
Android Marketplace on your phone to get started. 

Important note for existing Android mobile users

You need to uninstall the old mobile application and download the new mobile application
from the Google Play store.


Mobile Web browser users

Smart phone users can access their accounts using the web browser on their 
web-enabled phone. Visit from your web-enabled device to access your account. 


iPad users can access their accounts two ways:

iPad web browser
Visit from the web browser Safari (version 5.0). To log in using
Safari, follow these instructions:

  • On your iPad go to “Settings”
  • Scroll down and press “Safari”
  • Press “Accept Cookies,” and select “Always”
  • Visit and select “Account Access”
  • Log into your account with your Internet Teller Access ID and Passcode

Mobile banking app
iPad users can access their accounts using the iPhone mobile banking app. Simply download
the app from the App Store on your iPad to get started. Please note: The mobile banking app
is formatted for the iPhone.



Internet Teller users can access their accounts via text using their mobile phones. Look
up account balances or recent account history by sending a text command to the
shortcode: 21443.

Users will need to register their mobile phone number before they can utilize Text banking.
To register your mobile phone number, follow these steps: 

Below are the commands for the text messaging system:

  • TF BAL - Summary of balances
  • TF HISTORY - Summary of recent transactions
  • TF STOP - Deactivate Text banking alerts
  • TF HELP - Help content for Text Banking
  • TF CMD – List of commands

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