Savings Rates                 

Savings & Checking Accounts

Rates Effective: 7/24/17
AccountDividend RateAPY(1)Minimum Balance
S1 Regular Savings(2)0.20%0.20%$5.00
S2 Holiday Club0.20%0.20%No Minimum
S3 Vacation Club0.20%0.20%No Minimum
Basic CheckingN/AN/ANo Minimum
Plus Checking0.10%0.10%Interest paid monthly, only if $2,500 minimum daily balance requirement is met
Premium Checking 0.15%0.15%Interest paid monthly, only if $5,000 minimum daily balance requirement is met
Smart Start Checking 26 and under0.15%0.15%No Minimum

(1) Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of date indicated and is subject to change after the account is opened. Interest paid only if minimum daily balance requirement is met and posted monthly. 

(2) To use TruMark Financial's other services (checking, Visa cards, loans, etc.), a $5 minimum balance is required in your S1 Regular Savings account. Rate also applies to pledged share accounts (S15, S97).

*Excludes investments and first mortgages.

Call 1-877-TRUMARK for further details.

CDs & IRAs

Rates Effective: 7/24/17
AccountTermDividend RateAPY(1)Minimum Opening Deposit
Certificate of Deposit(2,3)5 Months0.45%0.45%$500
Certificate of Deposit & Fixed-Rate IRA(2)6 Months0.60%0.60%$500
Certificate of Deposit & Fixed-Rate IRA(2)9 Months0.80%0.80%$500
Certificate of Deposit & Fixed-Rate IRA12 Months1.29%1.30%$500
Fixed-Rate IRA Only (5)13 Months1.24%1.25%$500
Certificate of Deposit & Fixed-Rate IRA24 Months1.64%1.65%$500
Certificate of Deposit & Fixed-Rate IRA30 Months1.74%1.75%$500
Certificate of Deposit & Fixed-Rate IRA36 Months1.98%2.00%$500
Certificate of Deposit & Fixed-Rate IRA48 Months2.08%2.10%$500
Certificate of Deposit & Fixed-Rate IRA60 Months2.28%2.30%$500
Variable Rate IRA(4)0.20%0.20%No Minimum
Jumbo Certificate of Deposit(2)6 Months0.65%0.65%$75,000+
Jumbo Certificate of Deposit9 Months0.85%0.85%$75,000+
Jumbo Certificate of Deposit12 Months1.34%1.35%$75,000+
Jumbo Certificate of Deposit24 Months1.69%1.70%$75,000+
Jumbo Certificate of Deposit 30 Months1.79%1.80%$75,000+
Jumbo Certificate of Deposit36 Months2.03%2.05%$75,000+
Jumbo Certificate of Deposit48 Months2.13%2.15%$75,000+
Jumbo Certificate of Deposit60 Months2.33%2.35%$75,000+

(1) Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of date indicated and subject to change on a weekly basis without notice. The dividend rate is compounded and posted monthly. No early withdrawal is permitted. However, if TruMark Financial, in its sole discretion, permits such a withdrawal, substantial penalties will apply.

(2) The five-, six-, and nine-month CDs and six-, and nine-month fixed-rate IRA APYs assume all principal and interest will remain on deposit for a full year at the current APY. However, APY may not be available for a full year.

(3) Not available as an IRA.

(4) Dividend rate may change after account is opened.

(5) IRA Certificate of Deposit is a limited time offer. New money only. Business funds, public funds, or brokered funds are not eligible. Jumbo rates not available. Upon maturity, 30- and 36-month CD will convert to respective month CDs at the prevailing rate. Upon maturity, 13-month CD will convert to a 12-month CD at the prevailing rate.

Call 1-877-TRUMARK for further details.

Effective 12/21/16, TruMark Financial’s 24- and 48-month Bump Up CDs were discontinued. Existing Bump Up CD holders should refer to the 24- and 48-month CDs for current rates. Members may request a bump on their existing Bump Up CD by contacting TruMark Financial’s Call Center or visiting a branch. 24-month – one rate increase during term; 48-month – two rate increases during term. Rate will be applied for remaining term of the account and will not be applied retroactively, nor extend the maturity date. TruMark Financial makes no guarantee that rates will increase and/or member will be able to exercise bump option during term. At maturity, Certificate of Deposit will renew at regular 24-/48-month term, without bump option. Minimum deposit of $500. Maximum deposit amount of $250,000.

Money Market Accounts

Rates Effective: 7/24/17
AccountAccount BalanceDividend RateAPY(1)Minimum Opening Balance
S8 Maximizer(2)$2,500-$9,9990.25%0.25%
S8 Maximizer(2)$10,000-24,999.990.25%0.25%
S8 Maximizer(2)$25,000-74,999.990.25%0.25%
S8 Maximizer(2)$75,000-99,999.990.30%0.30%
S8 Maximizer(2)$100,000-249,999.990.30%0.30%
S8 Maximizer Advantage(2)$250,000+0.30%0.30%
IRA(1)$0-2,499.990.25%0.25%No Minimum

(1) Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of date indicated and is subject to change after the account is opened. Dividend rate is compounded daily and posted monthly.

(2) $10 fee if $2,500 minimum daily balance is not met. Fee may reduce earnings on account. Interest paid only if minimum daily balance requirement is met. 

Call 1-877-TRUMARK for further details.