International Visa Prepaid Cards

International purchases made easy

TruMark Financial’s International Visa prepaid card has an EMV chip and is designed for those working, traveling, or studying abroad where EMV technology is the preferred method of payment processing. Prepaid EMV cards deliver full debit card functionality at the point-of-sale, ATM access, and may be used online.

Click here to order an International Visa reloadable prepaid EMV chip card.

International Visa prepaid card advantages:


  • Instantly add funds to your card anytime online or by calling the number listed on the back of the card
  • No limit to how many times you reload your card
  • Obtain cash at Visa ATMs 24 hours a day

Financial Control

  • Spend only what you load onto your card


  • Purchase a card for vacation and leave your cash at home
  • Offers protection from fraudulent use of a lost or stolen card

Easy Access

  • Use it at retail stores, online, or by phone
  • Keep track of your balances online

Click here to order an International Visa prepaid card. 

Please note: Cards will be shipped to your address within five to seven business days. Minimum load amount is $20; maximum load amount is $5,000. Personalized cards cost $2.50. Per membership eligibility, you must maintain $5 in a savings account to utilize the credit union’s services.