CURewardsDec 2016

Every day CURewards

Every time you perform a signature-based transaction using your TruMark Financial Visa® debit card, Rewards Visa credit card, or Signature credit card, you'll earn CURewards points. As points add up, redeem them for cash, gift cards, travel, merchandise, and more.* Plus, extra points are earned when shopping in-store or online at select local, regional, and national merchants with CURewards Mall. Visit or download the CURewards app on your mobile device for more information or to view points earned. 

Create a CURewards login by following these steps: 

  1. Visit and click “Register” within the “Register Here” box
  2. Enter 110019 + your TruMark Financial account number, preceded by as many zeroes as needed to make the account number 10 digits. 
      For example:
    • If your account number is 12345, your new CURewards account number would be 1100190000012345
    • If your account number is 12345678, your new CURewards account would 
      be 1100190012345678
  3. Select your new username and password.

Once registered, you will log into using your username and password. You can also access CURewards within online banking. Simply log into online banking, click Member Services>Card Services>CURewards.

Cash rewards 

Redemptions for cash start at a minimum of 5,000 points for $25 up to a maximum of 50,000 points for $250.* Cash rewards will be deposited into your TruMark Financial savings or checking account seven to 10 business days after the request is submitted. To check your available CURewards points or other rewards available, visit

Click here to submit your Cash Rewards redemption request 

CURewards Mall 

Use your TruMark Financial Visa debit or credit card when shopping at more than 300 retailers within CURewards Mall and earn extra rewards points.* Simply shop in-store or online at participating retailers and get up to 30 bonus rewards points per $1 spent** and special offers. Points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, merchandise, travel, and more. 

Shop – Click here to access CURewards Mall and find your favorite participating online or in-store retailers 

  • Online Mall - Click on the "Online Mall" tab on the left hand side. Select your store and click on the "Shop Now" button. Extra points will be applied to your account within 60 days when you complete the online purchase using your TruMark Financial Visa debit card, Rewards credit card, or Signature credit card. 
  • In-Store Mall - Click on the "In-Store Mall" tab on the left hand side. Select stores need to be activated so remember to click the "Activate" button next to each other before you shop. Earn Mall points for each in-store purchase when you use your TruMark Financial Visa debit card, Rewards credit card, or Signature credit card .

Earn – Every time you use your TruMark Financial Visa debit card, Rewards credit card, or Signature credit card at a CURewards Mall merchant, you earn extra points.

Redeem – Your Mall points will automatically combine with your CURewards points for even bigger rewards. Redeem them for cash, gift cards, merchandise, travel, and more. 

To view exclusive in-store and online offers from top retailers, earn extra points, and sign up for bonus offers, log into For the newest offers, click on the "New Mall Offers" button. 

Participating retailers include:

Retailer Cluster

*Business accounts not eligible. **Bonus points vary by merchant. Visit for a full list of merchants and corresponding bonus point offers. Offers and availability subject to change without notice. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. CURewards Mall Terms and Conditions