When opening your membership at TruMark Financial, you were assigned a Member Number for account access. Each savings account, checking account, and/or loan with the credit union was assigned a suffix number/ID (i.e., S0004) tied to your “Member Number”. Due to system changes, TruMark Financial is creating a unique 13-digit Account Number for each savings account (excluding Certificates and IRAs), checking account, credit card, and/or loan you have with the credit union. This will allow all existing and new members to more easily identify and manage each account, and set-up electronic payments/withdrawals/deposits to and/or from these accounts. No action is needed from you at this time.

Please reference the letter you received via mail for your unique 13-digit Account Number(s) details. Your unique 13-digit Account Number(s) also will appear in online and mobile banking beginning in December 2020, and on December statements received in January.

Electronic payments/withdrawals/deposits: All existing automatic payments/withdrawals/deposits (i.e., utility bill, gym membership, EZPass, payroll direct deposit) you have set up will be processed as they are today, no action is needed. However, effective Dec. 7, 2020, any new payments/withdrawals/deposits you add to your account, should be set up using your new 13-digit Account Number(s).

Click here for FAQs and examples of how and where new Account Numbers will appear.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact TruMark Financial’s Member Service Center at 1-877-TRUMARK.